Sleeping in the Ocean, the debut album from Irish musician and composer Ed Dunne transports the listener to that mellow state that its title suggests, through Dunne's melodic blend of acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, traditional Irish instruments and vocals. 

Reviewers have called Ed Dunne's music a challenge to classify but a delight to experience.  And indeed, the six instrumental and three vocal tracks on Sleeping in the Ocean are a unique fusion of  folk, jazz and ambient music that defies pigeon-holing. Call it World Music--there's a distinct Irish influence--but it's not the Chieftains. Ambient?  Sure, but it won't put you to sleep. You are invited to listen and decide for yourself. 

Dunne grew up in Dublin where he studied classical guitar while at the same time playing traditional Irish music in local sessions. It was the beginning of a musical journey and a somewhat nomadic lifestyle which would take Dunne to Paris, where his distinctive compositions took shape, and to Cologne, Germany--where Dunne was joined by acclaimed musicians Marius Goldhammer (bass) and Roland Peil (percussion) for the recording of Sleeping in the Ocean. The album was later mixed and digitally mastered in New York City. 

Ed Dunne lives in New York where he composes music for films and TV commercials.  Ed is currently working on a new album Tales from an Acoustic Guitar, which will be released late this year.

Sleeping in the Ocean
Released USA 1997
© 1997 Ed Dunne Music.