Jan 2009 It's freezing in New York City, but the year is off to a good start with four new commercials coming out. Okay one of them is a remix of Happiness Factory 3 combined with a Butch Walker song based on the Coke 5-Tones but it still counts .

December 2008 After 2 months of hard slog and 15 rounds of revisions, Happiness Factory 3 is finally finished. It should start airing sometime in 2009

Nov 2008 Barack Obama is elected President. By far the most amazing and satisfying event of the year. I've been so preoccuped with the election that I've not added any updates to the site this year. Oh well, there's always next year... In other news Coca-Cola have been using the melody from Happiness Factory - now officially known as the "World of Coke 5-Tones" as a tag on the end of most of their commercials. Haven't seen any royalties though. Hmm.

December 2007 Just finished the music for the Tina Fey American Express commercial - it's getting a ton of airplay at the moment.

Summer 2007 Won a silver 'Andy' Award for my original music for Nike "Defy". It also wins silver in the music category at the 2007 International Advertising Awards. And Coca-Cola Happiness Factory takes gold. Defy gets shortlisted for a Clio award but doesn't win. Pretty cool all the same though.

Feb 2007 Coca-Cola Happiness Factory airs during the Superbowl and is still playing all around the world. .